The kids will work out the basic concepts of algorithms and coding while learning the Python language. As they are immersed in the culture and specifics of the IT world, they will try out different areas of software development.
2 academic years
12 – 15 years old
Groups of 8-12 children
Once a week
90 minutes
Weekdays or weekends
Visual programming develops a child's imagination and teaches them to correctly set goals and search for ways to achieve them in game form
In addition to working at the computer, the children draw, think, invent and design in groups, and give presentations
At the end of the course, the children will create their own project - a game, a cartoon, or an interactive book
What will a child learn in a coding course:
To write Code in Python

To think logically

To express their thoughts and set goals
To work with Python libraries

To plan projects

To work in a team
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At the introductory lesson, your child will program a MarsBot (the main character on our online educational platform), learn what an algorithm is, and get acquainted with the Scratch programming environment. We will also explain how the educational process is organized and answer all your questions.
The lesson lasts one hour. You can observe while it is taking place
You will see how the educational process is conducted and have a chance to meet the teacher
It is absolutely free
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