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International Coding School for Kids & Teens, now available at our Center in Petaling Jaya and Online!

These are universal skills, which are neglected by the educational system in the school program. They help to understand any subject of the exact sciences or humanities.
The creation of projects allows children to see how they can use the knowledge received to carry out their own projects. They also develop problem solving skills.
Logical Thinking Skills
Project Based Thinking & Problem Solving Skills
What Children Will Learn
Coding is the most demanded profession of the 21st century. Even if the child in the future chooses another professional path, any employer will highly value their knowledge in the field of coding.
Our classes are part of different interesting stories. Kids not only create algorithms, they save the princess and build rockets to go to Mars. In this way, their curiosity and creativity develops and they do not lose the interest in learning.
Digital Literacy for the 21st century
Curiosity & Creativity
Coding is another name for computer programming! It is the process of giving a computer a set of instructions to accomplish a task. Coding is the new language of Digital Era and the #1 skill on demand for the 21st Century.

What is Coding?

Algorithmics courses
7-9 y.o.
11-13 y.o.
14-17 y.o.
Summer days
8-14 y.o.
Who is Algorithmics?
International Coding School

We are one of the largest international coding schools for kids and teens. Algorithmics is available in more than 20 countries with more than 150 thousand students worldwide. Our classes are conducted by certified teachers via our proprietary online platform.
Why do parents choose us?
We teach more than code
Our classes also develop a student's interest in other STEAM disciplines — math, physics, chemistry and so on.
Project-based learning
We alternate learning theory and working on creative projects.
Materials available 24/7
We combine classes with independent work at home.
Gamified practice
Classes feature a story line, friendly competition, reward points and differing levels of difficulty.
We meet students at their level
The curriculum considers the individual skills of the student and adapts the difficulty level accordingly.
We have a unique IT platform for teaching coding
that helps to make studying and business processes easier for everyone
24-hour access to tasks, as well as the ability to create their own cartoons and computer games.
Access to complete statistics on the progress of the entire class and all the methodical materials. Provides teachers and educational institutions with a variety of tools for managing and analyzing the learning process.
Customer and learning management system that helps you monitor your customers, payments, student learning progress and teachers.
Platform for children
The system enables children to learn the basics of algorithmic thinking in a gamified way and gain basic knowledge of coding.
A visual programming language developed expressly for children.
A training system that enables to gain basic understanding of algorithms.
A personal learning program: a set of tasks adapting to each student's level.
A system accessible from any location and device connected to the internet.
A tailored approach to each student
The Algorithmics platform creates an individual study program for each student and helps the teacher analyze the progress of the children in the group.
"My son Xabier says it's great, he learns a lot and that the teacher is really nice. He genuinely enjoys it and is really motivated. He likes to practice at home and if he needs help, his teacher responds right away. Really recommended."

— Marian, mother of Xabier (age 8), Spain
Our team of teachers
We teach more than coding, our classes also develop a student's interest in other STEM concepts - science, technology, engineering, mathematics.
"The classes are very interactive and interesting, in the form of a game. At the beginning, the hour and a half seem enough, then we realize that they pass very fast. The child doesn`t get tired, since work on the PC alternates with games in the class. In general, my son is very happy and wants to continue attending classes."

— Alex, father of an Algorithmics student.
Our training program was developed by an international team of educational experts, including Derek Breen, the world-renowned teacher of programming for children and author of textbooks on creative programming for kids translated into 7 languages.

The quality of our educational content is crucial to us. Every week, experienced educational experts from Algorithmics update our current programs by studying and applying the best global practices and approaches to teaching programming to kids.
The children study programming on tablets and in workbooks. The teachers conduct games aimed at understanding the basics of algorithms and programming.
Mars Academy
The Coding Knight

Through the creation of their own cartoons and computer games, the children develop logical and algorithmic thinking. This helps them in school.
The kids will work out the basic concepts of algorithms and programming while learning the Python language. As they are immersed in the culture and specifics of the IT world, they will try out different areas of software development.
The kids make a plan, assign tasks, and present their projects publicly. They learn to check themselves and correct errors, including those in other people's code.
Python Pro
Computer literacy
Working with information in textual, tabular or graphic format, kids learn to analyze information, use a computer, search for information on the Internet correctly and safely, communicate (in real life and online) and cooperate
Game Design
A fascinating immersion into the world of game development and the first steps towards mastering a highly-demanded profession
Holiday camp
is a program of educational and creative activities for children from 7 to 12 years old for 5-10 days during school breaks
Photos from school and lessons
Algorithmics is already in your city
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How many people will be in the group?
Online class capacity is up to 6 students.
Offline class is up to 12 students.
This number of students allows the teacher to be able to devote time to each one individually.
What should parents do during the lesson?
In our experience, parents should be next to their children at least during the first online lesson to be able to help.
How to access platform?
Technical requirements: computer/notebook, Internet connection, headphones (optionally), web camera (optionally).
Sign up for a trial class
At the introductory lesson, your child will program a MarsBot (the main character on our online educational platform), learn what an algorithm is, and get acquainted with the Scratch programming environment. We will also explain how the educational process is organized and answer all your questions.
The lesson lasts one hour. You can observe while it is taking place
You will see how the educational process is conducted and have a chance to meet the teacher
Fill out an application and very soon our specialist will contact you
If you have any questions or suggestions, email us at pj@algorithmicschool.com
Call or WhatsApp: +6016 6759448
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